” Ngide” Tukana Kenya ,ex Bernd Muhlack

To encourage relations between a young woman and her husband or fiancé ,the mother makes a doll from fruit (palm nut)  reproducting the male genitals organs and decorates it with beads from the husband best friend .The doll bears the name of the latter and becomes the son of the couple .The woman carries it around her neck during the day ,attached by a cord and then hangs it up in the house . When she calls the name of her son  as she dances ,her husband comes and dances with her 

This is one of the finest ngide ,i found with double  beaded leather coat at the back and nice rows of beads at the front ended by antelope nails .

This is one of the finest exemple

Turkana Ngide ,Kenya

Palm nut ,leather glass beads wapiti nails

ex Bernt Muhlack, collection Germany

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